Websites with Free Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoo designs can make interesting and meaningful tattoos. I have found a few websites that offer free tribal tattoo designs in hopes that they will help you find the tribal tattoo that is right for you. RankMyTattoos Personally, I like this site the best for free tribal tattoo designs. It has by far the most pictures of tribal tattoos on human skin. A great feature on this site is you can rate pictures of tattoos and see how others rank the tattoos. This is nice because it allows you to get outside input on the tribal tattoo designs you like. The categories are very specific, which allows you to look at the designs that will interest you the most instead of having to browse through useless pictures. Joseph Isahack This site offers 3 galleries of free tribal tattoo designs. The guy in charge of this site says that if you like a design but would like it customized, you can e-mail him and he will work on it. It is great that he offers this service to people. Also, he shows pictures of some of his designs on human skin. This is nice because it allows you to get a better picture of what it will look like in the end. Tribal Shapes Tribal tattoo designs are arranged into categories titled animals, armbands, celestial bodies, flowers and plants, hearts, Kanji, mythological, and other shapes. Each category has anywhere from 2-9 pages of free tribal tattoo designs with about 16 designs per page. The organization of this page is excellent because it allows you to go directly to the type of design you desire. EuroTattoo This site offers 4 pages of free tribal tattoo designs. There are about 5 designs per page. Some of the images are in black and white and others are in color. The great thing about this site is that the tribal tattoo designs are large, so they will be easy to print and take to your tattoo artist. DoTattoos This site is convenient because all of the free tribal tattoo designs are on one page. There are drawings and pictures of tribal tattoo designs. This site offers a nice variety of tattoos, both large and small, and is easy to navigate. TattooJohnny There are over 7,000 free tribal tattoo designs on this site. They are offered in color and black and white. A nice feature about this site is that you can click “add to wishlist” under the design you like, and at the bottom of the page it will show you all of the designs you liked. This is a nice feature because it keeps you from having to save designs to your computer unless you are positive they are what you want. Good luck in finding a tribal tattoo you want!