The icon of Facebook’s new financial services is accused of knockoff

Current bank Startup has posted a comparison image of the company‘s icon with Calibra service, showing remarkable similarities. On June 18, Facebook introduced Calibra financial services. However, the service’s icon is similar to Current, a bank startup. Icons of both companies includes a simple tilde, placed inside the circle. Current has posted a comparison image on the official Twitter page, with a funny comment: “This is what happens when you have only one crayon”. The bank’s current startup is launched in 2017 with a debit card service for children, controlled through a mobile app. Unlike some other “stealing” cases, this may be a complete coincidence. The tilde and the circle are all familiar symbols. The icon of Facebook’s Libra electronic currency also uses three overlapping tilde marks vertically, which seems reasonable when the social network company continues to use that symbol for Calibra service.