Mindless Walkabout: Shady past

Mindless Walkabout: Shady past

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shady past

The page building continues. Today I’m gonna get the cast page done (which should be DAMN easy since it’s got two entries so far) and deal with the annoying Blogger bar at the top of the page. Strips are done for the next two weeks, so all is well thus far. Enjoy.



  1. Awh man, he even had a awesome hat at one point. This is already looking like it's gonna be awesome! (AND THE SNAKE EVEN HAS A HAT!, NO WAY!)

    1. I love the snakes. You can't see it so well here, but they have puppet-esque arm mechanisms strapped to their… waists… that allow them to manipulate objects.

      How they use said mechanisms is beyond me.