Review of the Sagem My200C, My202C GSM-handset

Introduction of the Sagem my200C/my202C GSM-handset The moment has come that the mobile industry should experience the introduction of diminutive gadgets cased in clamshell-technique structure. If a procurer should take a look at the my200C handset he or she will instantaneously keep in mind such handset like Samsung A800 and a lot of various models by other manufacturers. The Sagem Company is not strange to the making of phones, which brought to existence the Sagem my200C/my202C. Design of the Sagem my200C/my202C GSM-handset The replica arrives in clam-case shape-factor with interior transmitter and no external screen. The handset is available in three housing color formats, which are red, silver black. Most procurers will almost certainly refuse and say that the replica in black or silver would appear moderately suitable in masculine hands. If one would consider the dimension of the handset, would conclude that the phone is suitable for the ladies. The my200C/my202C GSM-handset has a dimension of 79x42x21 mm and also features a weight of 80 g. A procurer will face no difficulties with placing this gadget in trousers in a small bag or a trouser pocket. There is not anything unique about the phone’s design, these prompts are moderately prosy and have been in the industry for quite a long time. The whole housing is made of top-notch plastic, the build superiority is okay, and all information’s are compatible to each other. The sleek housing clad is fairly blotch-prone, though on the housings tinted in vivid colors fingerprints are frequently not a problem. The covering inserts to the housing some additional sturdiness, also it is defiant to scrapes of all kinds. Almost certainly, the only disadvantage of this glossy clad is nice-looking greasy housing and observing its dimension in mind, this revolves to be somewhat a defy, as the folder feels like it is going to slip out of a user hands. The bristles and the upper rim have been left free of any rudiments, but on the lower rim a procurer will find typical Sagem’s interface hole, microphone opening and the holes for a moving fastening which are obtainable only when rear wrap is taken away. The front plays swarm to a blue service pointer the earphone slit, due to which sound during a call does not sense stifled. Certainly, the gadget can be unlocked with a single hand, and for ladies with long nails it will be a gentle wind, to start with. For instance, when a procurer tries to fold the phone open he or she should be prepared to catch the handset in case it might slip off accidentally. Alongside the device’s housing is a dimple, which is fairly profound, yet is virtually of no real use. The actuality that the upper crease of the phone is slimmer than the lower one has a sure brunt on the ergonomics; furthermore the folder apparatus is a bit firm. The angle it permits is sufficient to give comfy work with the phone. The handset display has resolution of128x128 pixels and shows up to 65000 K colors. Of course, it has spectacular features one would uproar about, in sunlight it gets wholly dull. Button of the Sagem my200C/my202C GSM-handset A rubber material is what the keypad is made of apart from for the four-way navigational switch with OK knob in it, which is plastically endowed. In enormous preponderance of small gadgets, makers for unidentified reasons bend towards fashion over substance. In regard to the my200C/my202C the manufacturer has selected another way having focused on the keypad’s agronomics. Battery of the Sagem my200C/my202C GSM-handset The whole of the bottom of the handset is governed by the battery wrap. The increase is unswerving; there is no opening any possibility for it to crop up with moment. 680 mAh Li-Ion battery supplies power to the my200C/my202C GSM-handset. Under the wrap is the battery; which the manufacturer states that the battery life is 4 hours of calling and receiving calls and up 10 days in standby mode. The battery of the handset takes up to 2 hours 30 minutes before it can be fully charged. Menu of the Sagem my 200C/my202C GSM-handset The most important menu is shown in horizontal rows of items which are position in the upper part of the monitor, upon selecting any menu icon, a big lively picture with the name of the chosen section pops up in the hub. The Sagem my 200C/my202C GSM-handset has an internal free memory 240 Kb for loading own content. This handset made by the Sagem connoisseur is handy and very nice to work with. Check your local shop for adequate pricing.