Friday, February 10, 2012

Past = Complete

It’s strange how similar themes run between this and Dragomir on the same days without my planning things as such. Of what do I speak? You must think on it for yourselves.

Also, giant toads leading covered wagons. You can thank my girlfriend for that one. She also suggested that the wagons have hydraulics installed to make them bounce, which is now indeed the case. I will feature them in the story some day.

Next week will be fun. You get your first look at a map of the Traveller/Dragomir world! Mark it on your calendars.



  1. Looks kinda like Hypno-Toad from Futurama. Which probably wasn't purposeful, yet is still weird that that's the first connection I made with a giant frog/toad creature pulling a wagon.

  2. I love that the snake has wooden hands. He seems like a nice snake, even read the Traveller a bedtime story.