Mindless Walkabout: Orcs approve

Mindless Walkabout: Orcs approve

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Orcs approve


  1. The only way for him to really get it is to have her SHOW him. That poor man. Having to study and watch lesbians do their thing until he gets it. So I guess, it'd become an endless exhibition of lesbians in the act. Poor man, having to watch lesbians all day, everyday for the rest of his life. His life would be SO hard.

    1. Yeah, that'd be terrible…what's a lesbian?

      On-track though, I think it was hilarious how Plato tried to…explain it? And of course the rat…well…he's a rat…or…she…or…It? Though it does crush any chances of Logan actually getting a girlfriend (And we all know he's the Han Solo of this adventure!). Or she lied, and is now regretting having tried to use 'Grown up words' on Traveler.

      Probably would've worked better if she had just said "I have a curse that will make you turn into poop if we date".

    2. I've found that "You'd lose your thinger. Let's leave it at that." works pretty well, too