Mindless Walkabout: Off to Another Adventure

Mindless Walkabout: Off to Another Adventure

Friday, August 17, 2012

Off to Another Adventure

AKA the comic where St. Elred’s hopes are DASHED once again.

That… my friends… is that! The story for Mindless Walkabout is complete! Woo. Traveller has a destination, he has traveling companions, he has a picture of some dude in a spiky helmet. Will he find Dragomir? CAN you find somebody who’s, you know, dead? Questions needin’ answers, that’s what these are.

This is not to say, of course, that Mindless Walkabout is DONE. Oh no. It will, instead, turn into what I had ORIGINALLY envisioned: a stupid, silly look at the world of Tales of Elsewhere (T.O.E, thanks Steewpid!). I quickly came to the conclusion that Mindless Walkabout was eating up too much of my time, hence the rather abrupt interjection of SRS PLOT when they got to the desert. I’m not happy with the pacing, but what can ya do.

Consequently, new Mindless Walkabout strips will now appear on Tuesdays and Thursdays, rather than Monday-Wednesday-Friday. These strips will FLOUT the semi-serious tone that’s developed over the last few weeks, and instead focus on Traveller’s escapades in many and sundry lands as he looks for Dragomir. The comic format will also change, either to a single-panel format with narration describing what’s happening at the bottom (think The Far Side), or to a dual-panel format that shows the beginning of an event and the inevitable, disastrous conclusion. Traveller can cause nothing less with his idiocy, and with more time to work and plan I think the quality of the art in these catastrophes should improve – something that’s troubled me throughout my time on Mindless Walkabout.

(Drawing a webcomic is HARD. Who would have thought?)

Thanks to all youse folks for sticking around this long. May the adventures of Trav, Plato and V…vvvvv… that rat thing, continue to entertain.



  1. Listen, my dreams have not YET been COMPLETELY dashed yet…thanks to your decision to have this topic brought up another time as you did not name him something else…so there's still possibility of naming him Vimhtaar, which I will admit, you'll still never do, perhaps for the sake of a running gag and you know, I'm ok with that. It feels like that joke was just for me. Despite your claims of not wanting to have your stories influenced by readers, you've done just that and that makes me very happy to have inspired a gag in this tale of FUCKING EPIC PROPORTIONS!!! Cheers!

    1. The serious, overarching elements are my call. Gotta make sure the story remains cohesive and ever pointed towards my intended ending. Details like names and running jokes and other stuff? Perfectly fine with being influenced by fans… so long as you bear in mind that I'll twist your expectations to my own, sadistic interpretations.

      Glad you liked the joke, though. The MAIN reason I didn't straight out name 'im Vimhtaar is 'cause I doubt Traveller would ever come up with something so epic or complex on his own. He's not a clever fellow. Hell, he forgot Iko even existed five minutes after leaving the dude's house…

      Zombie: I find that gags work best WITH one panel, because you have to work up some inventive way to express an entire joke with a single set of visuals. Really stretches your creativity, and turns you into a better writer / cartoonist. I'm hoping the rest of Mindless Walkabout will let me further improve myself in that regard.

      PS You have a stickman comic? C'mon, cough it up.

    2. Yeah…I'll have to find the pages sometime, and maybe redo it digitally. Cause I drew everything by hand, and the story was just basically a constant mish-mash of jokes and random 1-2 strip stories inspired by friend's.

      The funniest joke inspired by the comic that never got made into a strip, was when one main character uprooted a small tree and chased his friend while swinging it. Which led to my friend suggesting I should do a 8 strip comic (4 panels each) that details the life of the tree before the fateful incident.

  2. Yeah, comics are hard I'll agree XD

    Just doin a stupid Stickman Comic for friends this year was driving me crazy. The constant pains of trying to fit a reasonable amount of speaking into a limited amount of panels, and the drawing of some of the more crazy events can make ya just wanna stop and take a break from it for awhile. (Though unlike mine, MindlessWalkAbout actually does pretty good for itself even when only 1 panel gags).