Nokia Morph Concept Review

Nokia Morph is a technology, progress, and design all in one phone, but it is still only concept model. Nokia morph development based on nanotechnology, and this phone release should be a nanotechnology era in mobile phones. According to Nokia, this concept car demonstrates how attractive and thin is the future of mobile phones, which form the user will be able to adapt to their needs. The use of nanotechnology will enable production of phones, which will be translucent, jointed, have themselves self-cleaning surface coatings, so long as the new look. Features The main part of the phone should consist of the nano cells, the principle should be similar to the web, when the strength and power while at the same time and flexibility. Phone will become as a standard phone, to become fully open as a sheet of paper example: QWERTY keyboard display. Solar energy The use of nanotechnology in the surface the phone will be able to absorb solar energy during the day. Self-cleaning By using nano particles the phone will become resistant to external factors. This Nokia’s product interface will be like Nanoflowers in nature, it will be resistant to water and dirt. Analysis of air Nanotechnology also allow the phone to analyze the chemical traces in the air, both to analyze the components and the pollution, as well as a new form of interaction, allowing for example, to recognize a dish or something else. Nokia Morph release date planned on 2015.