Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Decisions, decisions


  1. Oh please, Traveller. That's barely a rock at all. Get back to me when you find a REAL rock.

    Back to catching up on Dragomayor…

    1. I was WONDERING where you'd gone. The comment section was lacking in cynical sarcasm and all-round adult wit.

    2. Life is an adventure. Sometimes that adventure leads to being trapped in an ancient Incan pyramid for three months, fending off zombie worshippers of the Sun God with nothing but the steel toe boot you DIDN'T lose to the crocodile, and a moe moe love pillow.

      That's not what happened to me, but the truth is boring.

    3. That hurt Matt…but I must admit…I haven't been too witty or cynical as of late…just plot busting…

    4. Sorry, Elred. You're good, but I recall King talking about 'fat chicks' at some point. Besides, you're a holy man – you must curb your salacious tongue, and speak only of the divine Weekend.

    5. This is true my child…when the weekend comes we will be prepared, and we will rejoice!